Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

Taste Test: Vegan Ice Cream Cones

It's hot and sunny, but your vegan ice cream needs a vegan cone. We've gathered together three brands of vegan wafer and waffle cones available in the UK, to see which is best. Two are gluten free, the other is sugar free...does that mean they're all taste free? We put a scoop of plain vanilla Swedish Glace in each...and ate them, so you don't have too (it's a tough job...)

Vegan Ice Cream Cones

The cones are all surprisingly different in taste, texture and even in appearance. The gluten free cones on the right and left in the picture above are both based on potato starch, but are completely different... one being waffle style, the other wafer style. The good news is that vegans are no longer stuck with a single choice or style of cone.

So ice cream scoop at hand, here are the results of our Vegan Ice Cream Cone Taste Test:

Barkat Vegan Ice Cream ConeBarkat

Gluten free often means compromise, but not with these cones. These traditional cones are waffle style, crispy, sweet, tasty...in fact everything you'd want in a cone. We'd go as far as to say these are exceptionally good cones. 

They're even stocked in Sainsburys so you don't need to go far to find them...and find them you should!

Verdict: Waffly Good. The best by far.
Veganoo score: ★★★★★

Carousel Vegan Ice Cream Cone

These cones are in the more child friendly style of a fluted cone. Wheat based, but sugar free, with saccharin added for sweetness. Available in most supermarkets.

These cones are really bland, without a hint of flavour. The wafer is crisp and light but little more can be said for them...other than that they hold your ice cream while you eat it. Not unpleasant, just bland.

Verdict: As flavoursome as the box
Veganoo score: ★★☆☆☆

Eskal Vegan Ice Cream Cone

Another gluten free cone, but wafer style. Crisp and light, very pale...a little anaemic looking really. Available from wholefood shops and mail order.

These cones are reasonably good, if you prefer wafer style to waffle style. They have a little bit of sweetness and a tiny bit of flavour. The're certainly a lot less bland than the Carousel cones and the texture is better.

Verdict: A good wafer style cone
Veganoo score: ★★★☆☆

So there we have it, three very different cones, all vegan. Askeys also make cones which are sometimes vegan, so check the label if you see them. Now let's hope this sunny weather continues and we'll have chance to eat many more vegan ice creams!

If you want ready-filled ice cream cones (like vegan cornettos) check out our ice creams review

Footnote: Ingredients 
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Barkat Ice Cream Cone Ingredients (vegan)
Barkat Cones

Carousel Ice Cream Cone Ingredients (vegan)
Carousel Cones

Eskal Ice Cream Cone Ingredients (vegan)
Eskal Cones

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