Vegan Ice Cream Cones: Swedish Glace -v- Tofutti

Vegan non-dairy ice cream cones (tofuline / swedish glace v tofutti)

Forget the wet summer weather, let's eat ice cream! We're talking ice cream cones today, the type you buy from the freezer cabinet. Like a Cornetto, but for vegans. There are two on the market in the UK in the form of Swedish Glace 'Peak' cones and Toffuti 'Rock n Roll' cones. They both come in multi-packs but if you're lucky you can find them sold singly too, which is handy if you can't eat four at once! They cost about the same, and look very similar...but which is best?..

Our picture shows Swedish Glace (TofuLine in some countries) on the left and Tofutti on the right. 

The Swedish Glace cones are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry...that isn't three different cones...that's all in the same cone! Vanilla ice cream, chocolate topping and strawberry sauce. This is one great combination and works well...the strawberry sauce is a nice addition and really adds to the flavour. The vanilla ice cream is also lovely, creamy and smooth. The wafer cone itself is rather like wet cardboard though...edible but not really enjoyable.

The Tofutti cones meanwhile are also vanilla and chocolate, but without the strawberry sauce. The chocolate on the Tofutti cone is a rather pale affair and doesn't match the photo on the box. The ice cream is good but not great..definitely not as smooth and creamy as the Swedish Glace. The wafer cone again is soggy rather than crisp and serves more to hold the ice cream than to enjoy eating. For a non-dairy ice cream these are good, but it seems they can't match the competition.

Verdict: We have a clear winner. When you're gazing into the freezer cabinet on a hot summer's day (we wish), grab yourself a Swedish Glace 'Peak' cone...or even for your non-vegan friend...they're that good!

Veganoo Score: ★★★★★  
 Swedish Glace 'Peak' Ice Cream Cones

Veganoo Score: ★★★☆☆  
 Tofutti 'Rock n Roll' Ice Cream Cones

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