Review: Tesco Strawberry & Vanilla Cones

Tesco Strawberry & Vanilla Cones (vegan cornettos)

Vegan cornettos. An unseasonal review, but our Best of 2015 list is coming up, and these may well be on it! These dairy-free cones arrived back in spring, and we took these photos in June, but we never posted the review...

There have been dairy-free cones on the market before, including the two in our review from 2012, but this is the first supermarket own-brand offering. Let's see how they compare:

You get four in a pack, and they only come in the one flavour at the moment. The dairy-free ice cream is based on lupin protein rather than soya (although there is soya lecithin in there, so they're not soy-free).

There’s a good article here: about the development of the lupin protein that is used in this ice cream. 

You can take a view about how natural and healthy the processing of the lupin is, but it’s good to see lupin joining soy as a European-grown protein source. Sweet Lupin can be processed very simply just like tofu – they used to sell Lopino in Germany – it’s like a crumbly version of tofu.

So now you now you're eating some novel German plant protein, how does it taste? Amazing is the answer. These are far and away the best vegan cornets on the market in the UK, much better than the Tofutti cones imported from the US.

You get creamy vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce all the way down through the middle, and chocolate all the way down too. The cone is gluten-free, but you wouldn't know it, as it's crispy and crunchy and not at all soggy or cardboardy. You just would't guess that these are dairy and gluten-free ice creams.

Round Up

Tesco has been the leading supermarket for dairy-free foods for the past few years, and they continue to set the pace. They have their own brand vegan cheese (rebranded Sheese), yoghurts, shakes, milks and pretty much anything dairy-free you could want. These cones are the best vegan 'cornettos' on the UK market and we should applaud Tesco for stocking them.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Tesco Strawberry & Vanilla Cones
The Good: Smooth ice cream, crispy cones, sauce/choc all the way down
The Not-so-Good: Only one flavour at the moment!

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Nearly to the bottom of the ingredients, getting excited then BAM! palm oil....NOT buying. Not ethical.


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