Taste Test: Best Vegan Chocolate Buttons

chocolate button showdown

Whatever you call them...choc chips, drops or buttons, you'll be sad to learn that Humdinger have withdrawn theirs from the UK. The Humdinger faux-milk chocolate buttons and their white chocolate buttons have been the dairy-free choice for many vegans. With Humdinger gone, we look at the options available in our Chocolate Button taste test...

Humdinger buttons are no more...

Siesta Carob Drops

Carob is the alternative to chocolate and isn't to everyone's taste. Siesta's are big as carob drops go so you get quite a carob hit too. We have to say we're not a fan of the grainy, slightly cloying texture of these drops. They are sweet enough though, which some carob drops fail on.

veganoo score: ★★★

Montezuma's Giant Buttons

Dark chocolate buttons don't get better than this. Not too bitter, not too sweet at 54% cocoa. If you like dark chocolate you'll love these buttons. They are giant as buttons go, but not as large as the Siesta carob drops. Definitely one of the options to try if you haven't already.

veganoo score: ★★★★★

Moo Free Chocolate Drops

One of our reviewers described these as tasting like the chocolate on a cheap choc ice, which wasn't intended as a complement. As faux-milk chocolate goes though, the Moo Free stuff is pretty good, but disappointingly not quite as good as the Humdinger recipe. These drops are small and sweet, but you don't get many in a pack.

veganoo score: ★★★

Round up

Whether you like carob, dark or faux-milk chocolate, at least there are dairy-free options still available to suit all tastes

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