Review: Vantastic Foods Vitali Cereal Bars

Vantastic Foods - Vitali Müsliriegel - Schoko Banane (chocolate banana vegan cereal bar)

Chocolate-banana flavoured crispy cereal bars from German producer Vantastic. These came from Vegan Tuck Box (we promise to diversify our sources soon...!). We hold the view that cereal bars fall into two camps - worthy and healthy, or sugary and tasty. These fall into the latter group, as high energy snack bars:

You only get three in a pack, which is disappointing. The bars are not meanly sized though, unlike some multipack bars.

chocolate banana vegan cereal bar

The main ingredient in these bars is glucose, followed by chocolate, so they pack an energy punch. The cereals (rice, wheat and oats) are held together by the syrup, while the bottom of the bar is dipped in dark chocolate.

The banana flavour is lovely and strong, and almost banoffee with the toffeeish syrup. The chocolate is dark but sweet. The bars are both crispy and chewy - that magical combination. They're so deliciously moreish you'll find yourself tempted to polish off all three at once!

There is room for worthy no-added-sugar bars in the vegan snack food market, but thank goodness there are also bars like these. You can offer these to your non-vegan friends and they won't think you always eat rabbit food. Not always...

Verdict: Top Banana!

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Vantastic Foods - Vitali Müsliriegel - Schoko Banane
(chocolate banana flavoured cereal bar)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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