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The Vegan Tuck Box - New Vegan Treats delivered to your door

New and exciting vegan treats delivered to your door each month. If you're always on the lookout for new vegan products (like we are, of course), then you might be interested in The Vegan Tuckbox. This is a monthly delivery service of 10 new or hard to find vegan treats. The lovely vegan gals at Vegan Tuck Box sent us a free sample box (life's hard for vegan bloggers ain't it...). Read on to see what we made of it:

Like a small shoe box, this thing comes in just enough packaging to protect your lovely vegan treats. Within, lie the wonders of Europe-wide sourcing of vegan goodies. Each Vegan Tuck Box contains a surprise selection of 10 vegan snack and treat foods hand-picked and delivered straight to your door.

Selection of treats from The Vegan Tuck Box

Ours contained mostly sweet things (which is good), but with a jerky strip and a breakfast cereal included. Rather funnily, after having a rant at Biona only last week about their eggy syrup waffles, we find that they've changed their recipe and the vegan waffles are included in the tuck box.

The two other things in the box that we've not tried before are the Raw Bite bar and the Vego Bar. The Raw Bite bar is one of those slightly worthy cereal bars that are a mush of fruit and nuts, but the lime flavour does give it a lift. The Vego bar is worth a full review, but suffice to say, it's bloomin' fantastic.... mmm sweet chocolate hazelnut goodness.

Some of the other great things in the box that we've come across or reviewed before, include Goody Good Stuff jellies, a Dame Blanche cookie, a Mini Moo chocolate bar, Primal Strip jerky bar and Strawberry Freedom Mallows.
Vegan Tuck Box - How it works
The cost of each box includes free postage and packaging (within the UK)
All boxes are despatched within 2-3 working days
Treat yourself or buy someone a gift
Buy a single box or take out a monthly subscription
Recommend a friend and you both receive a free bonus product
Pay by credit or debit card
You'll receive a box of 10 vegan food items
The products in the box change each month
We like the idea of The Vegan Tuck Box. Many of the things in the box are hard to source and need to be bought online, from different websites. The service gives you a chance to avoid the hard work and just receive the box of treats every month. If you're in a local vegan group, why not subscribe together and share the goodies at your monthly get together?

Kelly and Chrissy are looking forward to despatching your box of treats! The boxes are £22 each or £20 if you subscribe monthly. Find out more at:

We're off to order one of their special Christmas boxes to see if there's anything new on the market we haven't found yet...

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  1. I LOVE this idea, its a great way to try new products, just wish I had the money to sign up to it!


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