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It's now easy to find vegan food in your local shops, but sometimes you need to shop online to find the brands you love, or those hard to find products. Ethical Superstore is a long established online shop, selling all things ethical, including a huge vegan range. The company sent us a selection of their vegan products so that we could spread the word:

Our goody bag contained a mix of treats and staples:

Granovita's Mock Duck - we actually have a cupboard full of this stuff, as it's the fastest way to a vegan Sunday Dinner, just add mash, veggies and gravy for a hearty winter dinner. The 'duck' just needs warming in a pan.

Vego Bar - we raved about this bar in our review and the novelty still hasn't worn off - the chunks are massive and the chocolate is simply the tastiest around - think gianduja with chunky hazelnuts, that's the size of a large toblerone. (Tip: great stocking filler)

Zest pesto - if you're a regular reader you'll know we've been having a bender on vegan pesto lately. Zest was one of the vegan pestos in our taste test, so have a read to see what we made of it.

Artisan Grains Nut Roast - we'll review this properly, hopefully before Christmas, if we can lay off the mock duck this Sunday. The roast is based on cashews and comes with its own baking tray. 

Mulu Star - a raw chocolate star that's loaded with raw organic cocoa butter and just melts in the mouth. It's not too bitter or too hard like many raw chocolates.

You've still got time to get your delivery from Ethical Superstore before Christmas, so have a browse of their vegan range and see what takes your fancy.

Ethical Superstore's vegan range can be found here:

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