Review: 'Natural Cool' Frozen Vegan Pizza

'Natural Cool' Frozen Vegan Pizza

Bake at home dairy-free pizza with vegan cheese and vegan pesto. German brand Natural Cool is a frozen food specialist, but beware, it's not a vegan or even vegetarian brand. This pizza is available in pesto or peperoni (spicy vegan sausage) flavours. Is it better than the offerings from UK and US producers?

Frozen vegan pizza is still a nascent market in the UK. VBites and Mamma Cucina are the two established products in UK shops - you'll find both in Holland & Barrett. Neither are very good though, as the cheeses they use (Cheezly and Tofutti) don't melt very well. This one uses Amisa vegan cheese, which melts far better. 

Note: Amy's Kitchen vegan pizza isn't available in the UK as yet, but uses Daiya cheese.

If anything, the Amisa cheese melts a little too well. It goes quite transparent once cooked and looks like it's disappeared, but don't worry, it hasn't. 

This pizza is far superior to the VBites and Mamma Cucina offerings. The base is absolutely fantastic, being light and crispy and not at all stodgy. The pesto comes through very well and tastes great. The cheese, as we said in our Amisa review, is one of the best vegan cheeses on the market. It's just a little sticky, but not as sticky as Veganic or Jeezo cheese.

There's only one thing that could improve this pizza, and that's if they'd used MozzaRisella instead of Amisa cheese. As it stands though, this is the best frozen vegan pizza in the UK at the moment. Seek it out at your local health or wholefood shop, and if they don't stock it, request that they do!

We bought ours from Natural Foods in Nottingham

The Good: Great base, great pesto, melty cheese
The Not-so-Good: Cheese is just a little sticky

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Natural Cool - Frozen Vegan Pizza - Pesto

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. That does look like a good pizza! I really like the VBites ones though, especially the Hawaiian.

    1. Yeah, the pineapple makes up for the cheese not melting on that one.


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