New: "Lots of This, None of That" Chocolate

Plamil have launched a new UTZ Certified line of faux milk chocolate, with reduced sugar. The Plamil brand is hidden on the back of the pack, with the "Lots of This, None of That" branding adorning the front. The company sent us a few bars over to check out, so let's get chocolatey:

The 30g bars are just like the bars in their other ranges, with 8 chunks making them snack sized. What's different, is that they've reduced the sugar content to 23%, but not replaced it with sweetener. Plamil's regular 'milk' chocolate is 35% sugar, and they also make sugar-free bars sweetened with xylitol.

Another change is the switch to UTZ Certified cocoa. Plamil already offer organic options, but UTZ is a more broad sustainability standard covering coffee and cocoa. 

One thing in common with the rest of Plamil's range is the absence of vanilla in the recipe. Milk chocolate is typically as much about the smell as the taste. If you've ever eaten dairy milk chocolate, you'll remember the heady aroma as you open the pack, which is actually down to the vanilla. Plamil's lack of vanilla means there is no aroma, which we think lessons the enjoyment.

Flavour wise, this chocolate is plenty sweet enough, and has none of that rice powder taste you can sometimes detect with faux milk chocolate, which is all good. It's not strongly flavoured, but not bland either. The texture is really smooth, but a little too cohesive, not really coating your mouth in chocolate, which again is something that accentuates flavour.

The UK market for faux milk chocolate is growing year by year, and the range of options expands constantly. This new range from Plamil is one of the best available, but we'd still like to see someone perfect the art of vegan milk chocolate.

The Good: Smooth, creamy and not too sweet
The Not-so-Good: Lacks aroma, mouthfeel could be better

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Plamil - "Lots of This, None of That" Chocolate

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Where can I find this chocolate stocked in the U.K
    I live in Leicestershire and have not seen it anywhere.

    1. suggests that Holland & Barrett is worth a try, or Waitrose. If you ask at your local wholefood or health food shop, they're often very accommodating too.


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