Vegan Pizza Day. Review: Redwood Vegan Pizzas

UK Vegan Review: Redwood Vegan Pizzas (frozen)

What better review for #VeganPizzaDay than Redwood's meat and dairy free frozen pizzas? The pizzas which launched earlier this year come in three varieties, Cheezly & Tomato, Meatless Feast and Ham Style & Pineapple. We first sampled them at VegFest Bristol and today we're reviewing the Meatless Feast and Ham & Pineapple pizzas. Are they worthy of a place at the dinner table on Vegan Pizza Day?

Redwood Vegan Pizzas
Uncooked: Meatless Feast on the left, Ham Style & Pineapple on the right

These pizzas are sized at around 18cm (7") so are quite small as pizzas go. They would make a filling lunch but you'd want some sides to make an evening meal out of them. They look pretty much like any other frozen pizza you would find at the supermarket. The bases are identical to this sort of pizza too.

Redwood Vegan Pizzas hot from the oven
Redwood Vegan Pizzas hot from the oven

Our recent experience of sampling lots of vegan cheeses that are supposed to melt led us to try turning off the fan oven and using a conventional oven. We had a theory that the fan was drying out the delicate cheese before it had chance to melt. The theory was dashed, as were our hopes, when we took our Redwood pizzas out of the oven to find nothing had melted. We're sure the commercial ovens Redwood used at VegFest had better results, but these pizzas are made to be cooked at home.

Redwood Vegan Pizza slices

The cooked pizzas still look appetising, but we don't just eat with our eyes of course. Taste wise the pizzas are full of flavour, with the fake meats providing a range of textures too. The fake pepperoni has a little bit of a spicy kick too. What is more disappointing is that the pizzas are quite dry...without the benefit of gooey melted cheese, and without the juicy fat that the fake meats lack. Vegan pizza usually needs a little extra tomato sauce for moisture, but these pizzas don't provide it. The bases are reasonably sogginess and strong enough to eat the pizza slices without cutlery.

All said, these make a decent vegan pizza offering, but with some room for improvement.

Verdict:  A pizza di action for #VeganPizzaDay (the old gags are the best eh...)

Veganoo Score: ★★★☆☆
Redwood Frozen Vegan Pizzas 

Footnote: Ingredients panels to follow..

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  1. I love the meatless feast pizza! It's small but densely packed with Cheezly and soya meat slices. I don't remember it being dry at all, the cheese was melty on mine, although you are right that it is a bit spicy.


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