Review: Amisa Vegana Gouda Style Cheese

Organic vegan grated cheese with coconut oil and lupin flour. With Viotros, the Greek cheese maker, now doing contract manufacturing of dairy-free cheese, we're seeing a lot of very similar vegan cheeses on the market. Veganic, Violife, Jeezini and even Field Roast's Chao are all variations on the same product, and Amisa have joined in the fun too:

Just look for 23% coconut oil on the label and you can spot these same cheeses. Amisa have used Lupin flour in their version, which means they at least have a protein component, unlike Violife and Veganic.

This pack is almost identical to the bags of Veganic Pizza Cheese, but the lupin flour intrigued us. Maybe this wouldn't be as sticky as Veganic? 

We tried it on some cheesy garlic bread to see how well it melts. Remember that all of these coconut oil cheeses don't like a dry heat, so it's best to use baking foil to keep the moisture in.

Just like Veganic, it melts really well when wrapped in foil. Just like Veganic though, if we're picking faults, the oil separates from the starches during cooking and tends to soak away into whatever you're cooking. You can see the chopped parsley quite clearly on the right, as the cheese has melted away.

One thing these cheeses don't do is melt themselves on hot food, so don't expect to sprinkle this cheese on a baked potato and get something melty. The trick though, is to melt it first - it takes just a few seconds in the microwave:

Give it a stir and you can then spoon melted cheese all over your jacket potato. Vegan melty cheese and baked beans is a great jacket spud filling.

This Amisa cheese does indeed have a slightly better texture than the Veganic version. When melted it's still sticky, but not quite as claggy as Veganic. We'd suggest this is actually up there in the melted cheese stakes, just behind MozzaRisella (still by far the best melty vegan cheese). If you can find some in your local wholefood shop, pick some up and give it a try.

The Good: Melts really well, not too sticky
The Not-so-Good: Separates a little

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Amisa - Vegana - Gouda Style Dairy-Free Cheese

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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