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Omni Superfood vegan protein supplement

Vegan protein powder and nutritional supplement with hemp and pea protein, maca, lucuma and MSM. It's natural, raw, organic and is low fat, low sugar and low calorie. The makers claim it supports your natural digestive, immune, reproductive and muscle systems. Available in separate versions for men and women. This is a review of the men's version...

First Person

Chris Dixon

I don't normally write in the 'first person' because it helps to keep the reviews objective. Reviewing health and fitness products needs a personal viewpoint though.

Like many vegans, I'm pretty conscious about my health. I eat fairly well, and I run, cycle and swim every week to stay fit. I've never taken supplements though, probably because they're full of animal products and strange sounding chemicals. The makers of Omni Superfood got in touch offering a vegan supplement that's very different though.

Omni comes in powdered form, and it's mainly a mix of hemp and pea protein. It contains maca which has purported benefits including boosting testosterone and stamina. It also includes MSM which is a sulfur compound, something that may be lacking in a vegan diet. The other ingredients, including lucuma (a natural sweetener), are flavourings.

The recommended way to take Omni is in a smoothie, for breakfast or before exercise. The avocado based smoothie they recommend was truly awful. A banana and blueberry version was more palatable, but I found it quite bloating. I found the best way was to mix the powder with a small amount of fruit juice, then drink plenty of water afterwards. Either way you take it, I wouldn't describe the taste as pleasant, and it's also very gritty - this is not a soluble powder.

It's hard to judge a supplement over a short period of time, especially with the chance of the placebo effect. I took Omni for 15 days in all over a period of 3 weeks. I do like the idea of increasing the protein in my diet, especially as protein sates hunger and can therefore offset starchy snacks and empty calories. I did feel well for the three weeks too, which could be just chance, but maybe, just maybe, I felt a little boost going up the hills of Nottingham on my bike.

You can only know if something like this will work for you by trying it, and probably over a longer period than three weeks. I'd certainly give Omni another go, especially now I've gotten used to drinking gritty fruit juice in the mornings...  Maybe try it for yourself.

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The Good: All natural, organic and vegan
The Not-so-Good: Acquired taste and a quite gritty

No scoring: It wouldn't be right to give a score to this product, as the nutritional benefits are difficult to gauge.

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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