Review: Dragonfly Premium Marinated Tofu

Dragonfly Premium Marinated Tofu

It's tofu.. but in a gold box! Premium tofu... count us in! Dragonfly obviously feel the need to shout from the rooftops about the quality of their new marinated tofu. We could hear them shouting, so we grabbed a pack, and made some kebabs:

Now if you've passed this way before, you'll know we favour the German approach to tofu. English-made stuff is often coarse, or bland... or both. This block of tofu comes in two chunky slabs, with an appealing caramel colour and nice spicy smell.

That marinade is really only skin deep, but the process seems to have firmed up the tofu, making it meatier, but still very juicy. The texture is very good and you could eat this stuff raw.

We put a little extra marinade on our kebabs (oil, tamari, smoked paprika, salt and pepper) so that the veggies had some flavour, then put them under the top grill (broiler). The tofu came out well, with a crispy outside and firm inner.

The marinade flavour is very mild once cooked, but it does give you a head start. Using plain tofu can result in a really bland kebab, and it's good to have an alternative to smoked tofu.

We bought ours from a small health food shop, but you can buy Dragonfly tofu online from Goodness Direct:

You can see the company's range at

The Good: Excellent texture, good flavour
The Not-so-Good: Marinade is a little mild once cooked

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Dragonfly Premium Marinated Tofu

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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