Father's Day: Venchi Chocolate Truffle Cigar

Venchi - CUBA - Cacao Aromatico (Chocolate Truffle Cigar - Aromatic)

VeganTown.co.uk have the perfect Father's Day gift: dairy-free gianduja cigars from Italian confectioner Venchi. The folks at VeganTown sent us a sample cigar to review (thank you folks!), while you can get yours for under a fiver. Father's Day this year is Sunday June 15th:

Venchi are a high-end chocolatier based in Turin, and we were impressed by their Nocciolato Fondente Extra when we reviewed it last year. These cigars come in a range of flavours, not all of which are vegan. The one we're reviewing, and that's stocked by VeganTown is the 'Cacao Aromatico' or Aromatic Chocolate.

The packaging is hugely stylish, and this really is a fantastic Father's Day gift for a non-smoker, whether they're vegan or not. The weighty pack unwraps to reveal a hefty cigar of chocolate-covered gianduja truffle.

Inside the thick dark chocolate is a gianduja filling speckled with hazelnut pieces. The flavour is full-on intense and it really is 'aromatic' thanks to the New Guinea cocoa. Believe it or not, the aroma of the chocolate is a little bit smoky, so it really is appropriate for the cigar analogy. This is proper grown-up chocolate, that dads will enjoy.

You can order the Venchi Truffle Cigars from VeganTown.co.uk, and providing you're quick, you'll get them in time for Father's Day on June 15th.

The Good: Stylish, Rich and Delicious
The Not-so-Good: You'll need to order one for yourself too...

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Venchi - CUBA - Cacao Aromatico
(Chocolate Truffle Cigar - Aromatic)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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