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Biovegan 1001 Eis Vegan Ice Cream Powder Mixes

Vegan ice cream powder. Three minutes prep for dairy-free ice cream. Biovegan are a German vegan producer who specialise in organic packet mixes, from sauces, to bread mixes and desserts. These ice cream powders are sold through Plamil in the UK. Are they worth the online order...and the faff?

The Germans are big fans of packet mixes, much more so than we are in the UK. With dairy-free ice cream now widely available though, this is a very niche product. You still need a freezer to make it work, so you can't take it camping with you. The scenario we came up with for this product is:

You're going to a holiday cottage, in rural Scotland. It's a long drive, so you can't take ice cream. The cottage is miles from a village, where they wouldn't sell vegan ice cream anyway. The cottage has a freezer, and electricity... but you still need to take your electric whisk with you...

You make the ice cream by mixing the powder with soya milk and soya cream, whisking it and freezing it. The result is an ice cream that's a bit too hard, and tastes a bit too much like the soya milk you made it with. At least with the vanilla version (above).

The instructions (link below) are not great. We tried to follow them religiously, but the whisked mix is supposed to foam up and quadruple in size, and it never does. 

The temperatures are given in Fahrenheit, which is very unhelpful for UK fridge freezers which all use Celsius! The foaming is dependent on the mix being cold, but even if you stick it in the freezer for a bit, the foaming doesn't really work.

The result of this limited foaming is the dense hard ice cream, which is very hard to scoop. The strawberry flavour at least tastes less of soya than the vanilla version does.

When we made up the last packet, for the chocolate flavour, we decided to ignore the instructions completely. We took a whole carton of vegan whipping cream (SoyaToo) and whipped that until thick, then added the powder to that. It worked much better this way, and the chocolate flavour masked the SoyaToo taste.

The instructions don't come with the product: you need to download them from here:
The temperature range for chilling the milk and cream should read 4C to 5.5C 

So, if you're planning that trip to rural Scotland, and you really must have vegan ice cream, you now at least have an option. If you're staying near a Tesco however, stick to Swedish Glace.

The Good: The flavours are not bad
The Not-so-Good: Poor instructions, niche uses, hard texture

Veganoo Score: ★★
Biovegan 1001 Eis - Ice Cream Powder Mix

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. No idea why you would want to buy this product more than once. Have tried the chocolate version. Agree ithe soya milk etc doesn't foam up much at all! Tastes like cheap ice cream with rough granular texture despite following the instructions, but costs a lot. Basically one pack makes around 400ml vegan ice cream and requires expensive soya cream to make. Have previously made far better vegan ice cream without this packet mix. Poor value, poor product: don't bother.


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