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Provamel Oat Milk and Rice-Almond Milk

Dairy-free plant milks from @Provamel including, Oat, Rice-Almond and Macadamia. New stylish packaging, with slimmer cartons too. The marketing team at Provamel sent us the new recipe Oat milk and the brand new Rice-Almond milk, ahead of the June relaunch. We hope to get hold of the Macadamia milk soon too.

The Oat Milk

The Oat milk has a new recipe with a full 12% oat solids and is unsweetened. The high solids makes it really versatile for baking as well as pouring over your cereal. Despite the high oat content, this milk is wonderfully smooth and creamy - not a bit of flouriness.

The flavour is great too, without that porridge taste you used to get with early attempts at oat milk. It's mild and neutral with just a little natural sweetness. A first class plant milk!

The Rice-Almond Milk

Last year it was Rice & Coconut milk, and now it's Rice & Almond. On its own, rice milk is great, but the neutral taste also lends itself well as a base to other flavours. This milk is sweetened with agave, which we think is unnecessary. The milk is really sweet - sweeter than rice milk normally is.

The almond flavour is mild and nutty and comes through above the rice flavour. The sweetness and nuttiness limits the milk's usefulness for savoury dishes, but that's not an issue as the milk is ideal for cereal, custard making and baking.

Provamel is the leading plant milk brand in health food shops, and goes from strength to strength. The expansion of the range, and the new look packaging will do well to cement the brand as a vegan favourite.

Both of these milks are dairy-free, without any trace allergen warnings.

The Good: Smooth, full bodied, great taste
The Not-so-good: The Rice-Almond milk is a little sweet

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Provamel - Oat Milk

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Provamel - Rice-Almond Milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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