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Provamel Vegan Plant Milks

Dairy-free milks really took off in the UK last year. Anything other than soya milk or rice milk used to be a niche market, but now we have several producers offering a range of plant milks. Provamel are the leading brand in the health and wholefood market and we've long dreamed that they would offer a range of milks as good as their soya. Does their Oat Milk and their Rice-Coconut Milk deserve the hallowed Provamel brand name?

Provamel Oat Milk Drink

The oat milk isn't new to the market, but this is a new recipe. The milk has 10% oat content which should make it nice and thick, and indeed it is more like the consistency of soya milk than rice milk. The oat milk is unsweetened, or at least there's no added sugar... maybe they malt the oats to achieve the subtle sweetness that the milk has? This is possibly the best oat milk we've tried. The taste is very mild, not at all porridgy, and really pleasant.

Provamel Oat Milk isn't so good in tea
The only downside to this oat milk is... it fails our tea test. When we're looking for a soya milk replacement is has to make a good cuppa. That means there must be no taint, and it must make our brew white enough.

The taste is fine, but the failure is in the whiteness. The brew on your left is almost a third oat milk, but is still a pretty dark cup of tea. You have to be able to pass this off to your mother... but a cold cup of tea will please no one's mother...

Provamel Rice-Coconut Milk Drink

And so on to the rice-coconut milk. This is a different drink altogether. We've read lots of reviews of this already and most are favourable. We can see the appeal... this stuff is really fantastic. There is no added sugar again, but this milk is very sweet... almost too sweet... almost. The rice-coconut combo works really well together and it really does taste great. You could drink this by the litre, or use it to make sweet desserts like custards. We didn't put this in tea though... nobody wants coconut flavoured tea.

Provamel have once again reinforced their position as the premier plantmilk makers. These two plant milks are sure to establish themselves in the market, which pleases us no end. After all, nobody else makes plant milks this good. 

Verdict: Cream of The White Stuff

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Provamel Oat and Rice-Coconut Milk Alternatives

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I tried the rice-coconut milk but didn't like it, the coconut taste was too overpowering.


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