Vegan Christmas: Coop Liqueurs and Mint Thins

Vegan 'after-eights' and chocolate liqueurs from the Cooperative. The Coop couldn't decide if these were vegan, so we've decided for them (see below).

These boxes are only a pound each but the quality is pretty good. The presentation and packing is particularly appealing. The liqueurs are standard fare, but the chocolate is nice and glossy and the brandy isn't too harsh.

These mint thins are identical to the Aldi ones we reviewed last Christmas. It's common practice for supermarkets to have identical own-brand Christmas chocolates. The good thing is, these are the best mint thins around - thin and crisp and not too different from After-Eights (which at one time were vegan).

We were intrigued by the Vegetarian sticker on the front of the box of mint thins. We peeled it back to reveal the word Vegan. The Coop are absolutely rigorous with their vegan labelling, so we can only assume a threshold has been breached on the milk contamination level, as there are no dairy ingredients. Bear in mind that the Coop once labelled their pure orange juice as "Not suitable for Vegans" with an explanation on the pack that the oranges were shipped with a wax on their skin that wasn't vegan. The mint thins meet our own review criteria as being vegan.

Alcohol is always a tricky area for vegans, but the brandy is labeled vegetarian so we're assuming that it is made without finings. This also meets our review criteria.

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
The Cooperative Brandy Liqueurs & After Dinner Mint Thins

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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