Review: Riverbank Bakery Fruit Cake

Norfolk Mixed Fruit Cake from the egg-free selection of Riverbank Bakery in Kings Lynn. There are a growing number of vegan bakeries online, but it's still rare to see vegan cakes stocked in shops. We were surprised to learn that the entire cake range of Riverbank Bakery is egg-free (we're checking to see if the whole range is vegan). This one is reassuringly labelled vegan on the pack:

These cakes are the sort you find at gift shops and independent delis. They can be found across the east of England and at least one cafe in London (Curious Yellow Kafe... no website). There are delicious options like banana loaf, almond & cherry, and choc chip raisin that are all vegan according to this link.

This mixed fruit loaf is a light fruity loaf, with 28% fruit. It's not heavy and moist like a Christmas cake but slightly more like a tea loaf. It's got a good fruity flavour and a texture just a little more cake-like than a Dutch syrup cake (e.g. Mrs Crimbles).

Keep a look out for thew Riverbank Bakery label - these don't look like vegan cakes and they're not really sold or advertised like that - the company's own website makes no mention of the vegan status. It's there on the label though - see below. 

We'll update the post when we hear back from the company about the vegan status of the rest of the range.

Verdict: Cake you can bank on

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Riverbank Bakery - Norfolk Mixed Fruit Cake

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. As I remember from looking at the chocolate version, it's not vegan. Our Co-op supermarket sells these in the "normal" cakes section. They get eaten up quickly by by the non-vegans in the family too (just watch out for the date stones).


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