Review: Wicken Fen Carrot & Coriander Sausages

Wicken Fen Carrot & Coriander Vegan Sausages

Gluten-Free vegan sausages made with soya...and 11% carrots. The Wicken Fen brand has been around in the UK for over 20 years, but seems to come and go depending on the weather. Currently stocked in Sainsburys as well as health food shops, the range includes falafel and various types of veggie sausage (not all vegan). The carrot and coriander ones are some of the very few vegan and gluten-free sausages you can buy:

The sausages come frozen, or at least they did from the health food shop where we bought them. They're pre-cooked by the look of them though, and don't need long to cook. We opted for the oven for ours (it saves on washing up...)

The best way to describe these sausages is this: take some Linda McCartneys sausages, remove some of the grease, then replace it with grated carrot. They're not at all greasy, and have a good texture that's somewhere between meaty and 'vegetably'. We really liked the carrot and coriander flavour. You'll want a good dollop of sauce with these sausages though, as no greasiness means they're not very juicy.

Wicken Fen carrot & coriander sausages are versatile, and would be at home on a sausage sandwich, as well as in a sausage stew. They're meaty enough to hold together in a cooked dish.

Wicken Fen are part of Weeks Foods, and independent producer based in the Scottish Borders.

Verdict: They're Grrrrated! (sorry Tony...)

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Wicken Fen Carrot & Coriander Sausages

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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