Book Review: World Food Café: Quick & Easy

Vegetarian Book Review: World Food Café: Quick & Easy

Recipes by Chris and Carolyn Caldicott.
Guest Review by Erin B from Guilt Free Veggie.

This book is not exclusively vegan, so when we were offered the chance to review it, we asked vegetarian blogger Erin from Guilt Free Veggie to review it on our behalf. The beautiful looking hard backed book was released at the beginning of this month and features over 100 vegetarian and vegan recipes from across the globe, with stunning travel and food photography throughout:

World Food Café gathers together dishes from some of the world’s most fascinating places, with a great diversity of flavours. Recipes include crispy rice cakes with a watercress salad from Laos, vegetable stew with an avocado and red onion salsa from Cuba, and iced rooibos sundowner from Namibia. The  recipes have been conceived to be quick and easy to make at home.

About the authors:

Chris and Carolyn Caldicott owned the World Food Café in London’s Covent Garden, where they cooked and served vegetarian food from recipes collected on their travels. Their other book titles include World Food Cafe, World Food Cafe 2 and Vintage Tea Party.

After twenty years of running the World Food Café, Chris and Carolyn decided to take a sabbatical so that they could go on longer journeys in search of new recipes. This new book brings together the recipes they collected from home kitchens, street stalls, restaurants and roadside cafes.

Over to Erin:
I received a copy of this lovely vegetarian recipe book to review on behalf of the Veganoo team and I am absolutely thrilled to tell you all that it is a really good book. Not just for the recipes (which are widely varied so that there is something for everyone) but there are little stories and background information about the recipes. It really makes the book unique in my opinion. 
I tried a recipe for a Sweet Potato Quinoa salad, it was suitable for vegans, relatively simple to make and most importantly very tasty! It had a really fresh taste to it that was made even better with the knowledge that I lovingly made this all by myself!  

The book overall is really good albeit not entirely vegan friendly as many of the recipes require milk, honey, butter, or cheese, but these could probably be substituted with a vegan friendly alternative in most cases.
The publishers have kindly allowed us to reproduce a recipe from the book here so that you can try it out for yourself. From Hanoi, the recipe is for Pho Noodle Soup - Click to Enlarge.

If you like the recipe and want to buy the book, it's available from the usual places, including Amazon

Recipes from a Vegetarian Journey
by Chris and Carolyn Caldicott

ISBN: 9780711232969 Hardback RRP £20.00

Published September 2013 by Frances Lincoln

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