Vegan Christmas: Redwood Chicken Style Pieces

It's too late to buy these for Christmas Day but if you're looking for the perfect Boxing Day sandwich filling, these faux chicken pieces are the answer. Redwood offer plain and tikka style chicken pieces and they can be eaten hot or cold. Read on for why we recommend you keep it cool...

Vegans don't eat Quorn or other 'vegetarian' foods with eggs or other chicken products in them. These chicken style pieces from Redwood are by far the closest thing to chicken flesh available to us that doesn't contain chicken products. The texture is remarkable... dense, quite dry and stringy, just like cold cooked chicken. Take a chunk straight from the fridge and if you've ever eaten chicken you'll be straight back there in an instant.

The chunks are pretty big, and could be used in a chicken-style salad that way. Our recommendation is to slice the chunks and try them on a sandwich though. We think these chunks make one of the best vegan sandwich fillings available. Thick and meaty, and best eaten cold from the fridge, these chunks offer a great chicken-free taste of chicken. Try them with sliced pickled onions for a Boxing Day treat.

What we can't recommend is that you eat these chunks hot. The texture goes soft and gelatinous quite quickly and the chicken flavour isn't strong enough to contribute to a cooked dish. We also tried the tikka style pieces (not pictured) and whilst the tikka contributes a nice curry flavour, the chicken style pieces are simply not all that great when cooked.

We're not going to end on a sour note though. Whilst we can't recommend you try these hot, we really want you to try these chunks served cold. In a salad or a sandwich this is the closest thing to cold chicken we've ever tried.

Verdict: Cold Comfort Food

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Redwood Gourmet Meat Free Chicken Style Pieces
Five stars eaten cold!

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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