Vegan Christmas: Celtic Chocolates

Free-From specialist Celtic's christmas chocolates are now on sale at Holland & Barrett. Celtic have a great range of faux-milk chocolates but this is strictly a dark chocolate selection. Mint crisps for the after-dinner table and a box of mixed dark chocolates that would make a nice gift:

Dark chocolate mint crisps are common and are often dairy-free. Celtic offer these as dairy, egg, gluten and wheat free to appeal to a broad free-from consumer base. These are excellent mint crisps but they're not quite as good a Elizabeth Shaw's... although those are sadly no longer listed as vegan (possibly honey).

What's slightly disappointing is the lack of crispy bits that you'd kind of expect of mint crisps. The flavour is top notch though and these would grace your Christmas table... if you've any room left after lots of tofurkey and pudding.

The dark chocolates in the chocolate box are also very good. These are strictly dark, but the dark chocolate is mild, fairly sweet and not bitter. The flavours are doubled up, and two of the spaces are filled with plain chocolate leaves, so there are only 5 flavours in here: coffee, orange, cherry, brandy and ginger.

We find the plain leaves a letdown...when Celtic make the best vegan caramels that could be filling the corners instead! The 5 flavours are good, although the cherry flavour is not very cherry-like. We'd like to have seen more pralines, truffles and ganaches than the simple fondant options too.

Wrap Up:
Reassuringly vegan, especially for allergy sufferers. Either of these would make a great gift, safe in the knowledge they'll be appreciated at the receiving end.

Celtic also do a Christmas Santa Pack of faux-milk chocolates which we hope to get hold of soon...

Verdict: Come over to the Dark side

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Celtic Chocolates
Fine Dark Mint Crisps & Fine Dark Chocolates

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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