Vegan Christmas: Divine Fairtrade Chocolate

More vegan chocolate from Oxfam. Divine's Christmas range includes a few vegan options although they do decline to label them as such. Mint Thins and Ginger Thins are joined by Chocolate Christmas Trees as the dairy-free options. The mint and ginger thins clearly have an after-dinner role but we couldn't quite figure out where the chocolate trees fit in:

Ginger Chocolate Thins are a more unusual take on the tradition dominated by Mint Thins. We rather like the idea, as ginger has that same aromatic quality as mint. These are unwrapped once you pop the lid open and are thicker than you might expect, for good or bad. 

The dark chocolate is thick and crisp and the ginger jelly is clear, soft and almost liquid. The ginger has a nice balanced potency.

The Mint Chocolate Thins are unchanged from previous years. They too are rather thick and couldn't be described as delicate, in contrast to that dinner table staple - After Eights. 

These are OK as mint thins go, and are about the only fair-trade option for your Christmas table, but we do prefer thinner mints thins. The Aldi mint thins we reviewed recently are more refined in our view.

Divine Dark Chocolate Christmas Trees come in a Christmas Tree shaped box. Inside you'll find a small bag of mini chocolate christmas trees. They're not foil wrapped and so these are probably not pitched as decorations for your Christmas tree. We can't, in fact, think where they might be used. Perhaps as chunky decorations for the top of a Christmas chocolate cake?

The trees are simply made from Divine's fair-trade dark chocolate, with no fillings or decoration. Divine's dark chocolate is pretty good...not too intense or bitter, and is even liked by kids.

Wrap Up:

Divine haven't yet explored the faux-milk chocolate market and their stuff isn't really aimed at vegans...
they don't even label their chocolate as vegan or dairy-free. Despite that, if you're looking for fair-trade, then your options are pretty limited for anything other than plain bars...and it's nice to have something a little more exciting at Christmas time.

Verdict: Fairly Good

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Divine Fairtrade Chocolate
Mint Thins, Ginger Thins, Christmas Trees

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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