Vegan Christmas: Kingsway Chocolate Liqueurs

Dark chocolate brand-name liqueurs bought from... Wilkinsons. Yes, following our recent trip to Poundland we extended our budget browsing to include Wilkos. To be fair to Wilkinsons they've gone upmarket recently, but this is no good thing for their vegan selection, which is now limited to one or two items like these chocolate liqueurs filled with Cointreau, St Remy and Teachers:

Wilkos used to be a handy source of cheap chocolate that would often be dairy-free... brands like Walkers Chocolate would grace their shelves with fondants, liqueurs and the like. These days the chocolate is still fairly cheap but the brands are a little more upmarket.

These Kingsway branded liqueurs are around a pound a box still, but you get fewer in than you used to get in the Walkers boxes...twelve per box. What's lost in quantity might be gained in quality though, as these are really very good. The spirits on offer include some non-vegan ones, so be careful, but we've checked on Barnivore and elsewhere and Cointreau orange liqueur, St Remy Brandy and Teachers Whisky all appear to be vegan.

Of the three, we'd say the St Remy brandy was the best and also the most Christmassy... it reminds us of christmas puddings and mince pies. These are all classic liqueurs though, with thick chocolate shells of sweet dark chocolate and slightly thickened and sweetened liqueur fillings.

As inexpensive as they are, we think they could pass for something even more upmarket too.

Verdict: Christmas Spirit

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Kingsway Chocolate Liqueurs

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. Thanks, this will be a great stocking filler for the hubby!


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