Popcorn Lickin'. Review: Frys Vegan Pops

Review of Fry's Pops - vegan popcorn chicken

There's a place in every diet for a little junk food. We mean junk in the affectionate sense of fast and tasty...and not quite as healthy a quinoa salad. Fry's have a great range of vegan convenience foods but the one which will catch your eye in the freezer section is their vegan version of popcorn chicken....Fry's Pops. The cute and colourful little box holds 200g (8oz) of frozen breaded mini-nuggets. They even come with fruit chutney sprinkles. If you haven't already tried them...should you give them a go?

Fry's Pops - vegan popcorn chicken - frozen
Fry's Vegan Pops...this is how they look uncooked

Like most frozen food they look pretty anaemic straight out of the box, but with only 10 minutes cooking time (once your oven's hot) they'll soon be looking a lot more inviting. Ten minutes eh...just enough time to make a quinoa salad...? Your best bet is to pair them with some skinny chips of course....unless you're having the box as a snack on it's own..which is pretty tempting.

Fry's Pops - vegan popcorn chicken - fruit chutney sprinkles
Space Dust....the chutney sprinkles

The chutney sprinkles look like a savoury version of strawberry Space Dust. That or a martian soil sample. They're mostly salt and sugar with citric acid and flavourings and have a lovely sweet and sour tang.

Fry's Pops - vegan popcorn chicken - cooked and ready to eat
Fry's Vegan Pops...cooked and sprinkled
Once your pops are ready, sprinkle over the space dust and give the pops a good toss. The flavour of these pops is fantastic...once you've added the sprinkles. Junk food heaven without the guilt really. The soya protein is nice and moist (the short oven time probably helps), the breadcrumb coating is pretty crispy and the sprinkles take them to another level. Try them without the sprinkles first though...they might not be to everyone's taste.

Verdict:  Finger lickin' fantastic

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Frys Vegan Pops 

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the box we reviewed.

Fry's Pops ingredients - vegan popcorn chicken

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