Review: Greens Quick Jel

Gelatine-free jelly, made and set in 30 minutes. Greens Quick Jel has been on the market for years, and the recipe on the pack is straight out of the 1970s... fruit flan. It's more versatile than that though, and as a widely available vegan jelly, it deserves a Veganoo review:

We wanted to test it as a thin topping jelly, and a deep set jelly too. For the jelly topping we made a banana custard and topped it with a banana slices and poured over a thin layer of the jelly. It works great and sets in no time. It doesn't stop the bananas going brown, but it would probably keep other fruit slices fresh. The cream is SoyaToo spray cream, by the way.

We were a little more unsure about whether Quick Jel could be used as a deep jelly layer, but it's absolutely fine for that too. We made some quick fruit trifles with fruit pieces in the bottom of a glass, covered with the jelly. More custard and spray cream and we have quick and easy vegan trifles.

Quick Jel comes in Red or Orange. The red variety we tested is fruity and is naturally flavoured. The jelly is slightly less clear than you'd get from a jelly made without corn starch, but not noticeably so.

Alternatives to this jelly are few and far between. Just Wholefoods jelly crystals are also easy to use, but harder to find as they're normally only sold in health food shops. This Quick Jel can be picked up in any supermarket, so get cracking with your 70's inspired desserts!

The Good: Quick, inexpensive, fruity, versatile
The Not-so-good: Slightly cloudy and needs stirring in the pan while it cools

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Greens Quick Jel

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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