Review: Vivani Chocolate Bars

@VeganTownUK sent us a selection of these organic chocolate chunk bars to review, and we were only too happy to oblige. We've missed the quiet arrival of Vivani to UK shores, but a few other vegan bloggers rave about their chocolate. Vivani might sound Italian, but the company is from northern Germany. We've got four flavours to check out:

The four bars we received were Dark Nougat, Black Cherry, Almond Orange and White Nougat Crisp. The first two bars are dark chocolate, the third is a rice-milk chocolate and the latter bar is a white chocolate.

Dark Nougat

This is sweet gianduja-style chocolate with both hazelnut paste and hazelnut brittle. It's soft, smooth, cripsy and delicious. This bar is easy-eating and moreish, with no bitterness to the dark chocolate.

Black Cherry

This is the nearest of the four to proper dark chocolate, with a little bitterness to the cocoa. The cherry pieces are sour cherry, and not too sweet. This flavour is probably grown-ups only compared to the other three.

Almond Orange

The Almond & Orange bar is a rice milk chocolate, or a faux-milk chocolate as we often say. The orange is the strongest part of the taste, but it goes fantastically with the chopped almonds and the little bit of hazelnut paste. An original and excellent flavour combination.

White Nougat Crisp

In fine tradition we've saved the best until last. If you were told that this bar was white chocolate you might think it looks a little on the brown side. Don't let the colour put you off, as the taste is superb. This has the same hazel paste and hazel brittle as the other nougat bar, but this time encased in sweet white chocolate. It really is very good.

Vivani make a huge range of organic chocolate, only a portion of which is vegan. It's good to see companies clearly marking products as vegan though, and shouting about them on their websites.

VeganTown is your best source of Vivani chocolate in the UK, although if you're a VeganTuckBox subscriber you will also have sampled their wares. Buy your Vivani chocolate from VeganTown and be sure to use code Veganoo22 at the checkout for a 10% discount on your first order!

The Good: Excellent and innovative chocolate
The Not-so-Good: It's all very sweet (if you consider that a bad thing...)

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
 Vivani Chocolate Bars

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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(we promise!)

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