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More Than Meat - Burgers, sausages, casseroles and sausage rolls

Hand-made vegan meat replacements. Burgers, sausages, casseroles and sausage rolls delivered across the UK. The products are shipped frozen and can sit in your freezer until you're ready to use them. Barry from the company gave us the opportunity to test the whole range and we jumped at the chance.

The products ship in the sort of containers you get from Chinese takeaways, with the burgers and sausages wrapped in wax paper within. The burgers, which comes two to a pack, cook from frozen. A blast under the grill soon has them cooked through.

There are two types of burger, a plain 'beef' style burger and a jerk burger with spicy seasoning. These burgers are both seitan style in texture, that is to say very meaty and chewy. They're not particularly moist or juicy, but they're a very meaty mouthful.

The plain style burger has a mild savoury flavour. You can make any burger juicy with a big slice of tomato and some mayo, which we did. Naturally, we also made it a cheeseburger, with a slice of Violife dairy-free cheese.

The jerk burger was much milder than expected, with just a faint hint of jerk seasoning and a mild spiciness. You'd probably notice the flavour more if you served the burger plain with a salad.

The sausage roll came as a large single one. We forgot to glaze it with soya milk, so the photo below doesn't do the pastry any justice.

The texture was unusual, and not like vegan sausage rolls we've tried before, but more like a pâté.  It was pleasant enough though, with a well seasoned sausage 'meat' and good flaky pastry.

The sausage patty is a Lorne style square shape, popular in Scotland and Canada apparently. Cooking under the grill is quick, although the square corners can burn so keep the grill low. We served them up with scrambled VeganEgg and grilled tomatoes and it was delicious. The texture is a good approximation of a firm sausage.

Finally, the 'More Than Lamb' casserole. We defrosted this and warmed it in a pan on the hob. Served with mashed potatoes and broccoli we thought it was fantastic. With tender 'meat' and butter beans it's a very satisfying stew. The sauce is a tasty blend of tomato and gravy. One of the best casseroles we've eaten.

Round Up

These are decent meat replacements, with distinct textures and favours, unlike anything else on the market. If you're looking for very meaty burgers and sausages, then these will certainly give you something to get your teeth into. We can recommend the whole range, and particularly suggest you seek out the lamb style casserole. We hope there's more of that style of offering to come from the company in the future too.

You can buy the More Than Meat range online from the company's website:

Veganoo Score: ★★★
More Than Meat - Burgers, sausages, casseroles and sausage rolls
The Good: Hand made, low fat & tasty
The Not-so-Good: Burgers could be juicier

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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