Review: Rysp Snack Crackers

Rysp Snack Crackers

Vegan sourdough 'crisps' for snacking and dips. Winners of Great Taste awards last year. The makers of Rysp go by the name of PlainTasty, and Vicky from the company got in touch to offer us some samples for review. We can never turn down the opportunity for an evening of chips and dips, so naturally we said yes.

There are two pack sizes of Rysp, along with three flavours, namely Garlic & Rosemary, Caraway & Black Pepper, and Seaweed & Black Sesame. We paired these with three dips, vegan guacamole (Sainsburys), houmous, and vegan soft cheese (BlueRisella).

The crackers are actually a wheat-free crisp bread, produced by hand using a sourdough method. They're hand cut, and vary in size. The texture is very hard and won't be to everyone's liking, and you certainly couldn't munch through them like a bag of crisps. Savour them slowly though, with a creamy dip, and they're very enjoyable. 

With 3 flavours of Rysp and 3 dips, that's a lot of flavour combinations. Of the Rysp flavours, our favourite was the Garlic & Rosemary. The Seaweed & Black Sesame is the mildest of the three, and the Caraway & Black Pepper is a bit of a love it or hate it flavour. Caraway is often added to rye loaves in central Europe, and if you've acquired a taste for it that way, you'll probably love these. 

Rysp Chips with Dips

Rysp crackers are a great healthy snack. They're slow food, they're fermented (more lactic acid, less phytic acid), high in fibre, low in sugar and low in calories. They're also wheat, dairy and egg free.

Round Up

Give Rysp a try if you haven't yet, especially with some tasty dips. They might not be to everyone's taste, with their extreme crunchiness, but for lovers of slow food, looking for a healthy alternative to dipping crisps, they're a winner.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Rysp - Snack Cracker Crisps
The Good: Healthy, tasty & different
The Not-so-Good: Too hard for some

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients from the packs we reviewed.

Rysp - Garlic & Rosemary: 
Rye Flour sourdough (81%), Black Sesame Seeds (10%), Garlic (4%), Rosemary (3%), Salt (2%)

Rysp - Caraway & Black Pepper:
Rye Flour sourdough (86%), Caraway Seeds (7%), Sesame Seeds (6%), Salt (2%), Black Pepper (1%)

Rysp - Dulse (Seaweed) & Sesame Seed
Rye Flour sourdough (85%), Black Sesame Seeds (9%), Seaweed (Dulse) (4%), Salt (2%)

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