Review: Badger's Dairy & Egg Free Coleslaw

Badger's Dairy & Egg Free Coleslaw

Packaged vegan coleslaw with egg-free mayo from independent producer Badger's. The company has been going for a couple of years, making vegan versions of coleslaw, potato salad and egg mayonnaise. We tried all three at the Lincoln Vegan Festival this week, but the coleslaw was our favourite of the three:

This is a super creamy coleslaw with quite a loose texture (lots of mayo). It's creamier than we remember the eggy version to be, but at least they're not skimping on the vegan mayo.

If you're not familiar with coleslaw (or at least the British version), it's shredded cabbage, carrot and onion mixed with mayo. It's great on sandwiches or with baked potatoes, or as a portion of salad with sausages or pretty much anything else.

egg-free vegan coleslaw

As well as being creamy, this coleslaw has the classic crunch, not too hard or soft, but pitched just right. There's plenty of flavour, without too much onion. It goes really well with some vegan sausages.

Badger's Dairy & Egg Free Vegan Coleslaw

We've never seen a packaged vegan coleslaw before, so Badger's are filling a gap in the market. The product isn't widely available at the moment, with only two (London) stockists listed on the company's website. They do supply to caterers as well as attend festivals.

Round Up

This is an excellent coleslaw, so let's hope Badger's work on their distribution, especially outside London. Vegans are starved of staples such as these, that are really easy to produce (there are loads of egg-free mayos after all). We'd love to be able to buy this coleslaw at the Coop or at our local health food store.

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Badger's Dairy & Egg Free Coleslaw
The Good: Long shelf life, creamy and delicious
The Not-so-Good: Slightly saucy

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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