Face Off: Easter Bunnies Go Head to Head

Lindt and Aldi chocolate bunnies came to visit this Easter, so we put them head to head. We've reviewed the Aldi Choceur bunny before, and awarded it full marks (for the price), but how does it compare to a Lindt bunny that costs 3 or 4 times as much?

We paid 99p for the Aldi bunny, while the Lindt one was over 4 quid. There is a significant size difference though, with Aldi weighing in at 120g and Lindt at 200g.

Unwrapping the chocolate gives us the first indication that these bunnies are not the same. The Lindt one even has a smoother texture to the touch, but it's the aroma that is the striking difference. The Aldi bunny has no smell to speak of, while the Lindt bunny smells richly of vanilla and cocoa. It's actually a really milk chocolatey smell, despite being dark chocolate.

Both these bunnies have 60% cocoa in the chocolate. Surprisingly, the Aldi one uses natural vanilla, while the Lindt one uses vanillin, which could explain the stronger vanilla smell. When it comes down to it though, with the Lindt one you really are getting what you pay for. It's not that the Aldi bunny is bad chocolate, but the Lindt one really is more special, with a much more satisfying flavour and a really silky texture. Next year, if you can afford the extra, reward yourself with a Lindt easter bunny.

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we compared.

Lindt Ingredients

Aldi Ingredients

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