Review: Almond Dream Ice Cream

Almond Dream Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Dairy-free, made from almond milk, by the Rice Dream people. Velvety Vanilla and Mint Chocolate Chip. We finally found some of this in a Little Waitrose, but not the two most exciting flavours - the Praline Crunch and the Salted Caramel were not stocked unfortunately. We'll add those when we find them, but does Almond Dream live up to the hype?

If you were stocking a new high-end ice cream, you'd think the indulgent flavours would be the ones to go for. Vanilla and Mint Choc Chip are a bit on the plain side, really. Mint Choc Chip is one of those divisive flavours too - mint ice cream can taste a lot like toothpaste... 

Scoopability is a big issue with dairy-free ice creams, but it all comes down to whether you're prepared to finish the tub in one go. Almond Dream suffers from the same problem as Booja Booja, Coyo and others, in that once opened, anything left in the tub goes rock hard. Food Heaven and Swedish Glace are the most reliable brands for return-scooping.

Almond Dream is very smooth, with no grittiness or flouriness from the nut milk. What it does have is a distinct almond taste though. There's 8% almonds in the Vanilla tub, and they don't take a back seat. That's fine if you like almonds. The mint flavour is pretty strong, (too strong maybe, but that's subjective) and hides the almond taste.

Round up

It's hard to judge the success of Almond Dream on these two flavours. Unless you're allergic to soya, you can choose Food Heaven's equally good vanilla ice cream for a lot less money. We suspect that the more exotic flavours are the ace up the sleeve though, as there are surprisingly few unusual flavours of vegan ice cream available, despite the abundance of brands now.

Available in Waitrose shops and Waitrose online (thanks to FGV for the online tip).

The Good: Smooth, creamy
The Not-so-Good: Scoopability, clear almond flavour

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Almond Dream - Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

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  1. The salted caramel is amazing. Just got some and its worth shopping in Waitrose for this one product alone

  2. very bad

    almond dream non dairy salted caramel ice cream brown rice syrup carageen
    ( Avoid too strong sugar taste gritty
    extremeshoulder tendon pain
    inflamed intestine and bowel bleeding carageen gum in it
    blurred vision
    blood shot eyes stinging
    puffy eyes
    water from eyes
    sensitive nostrils sneezing
    carageen gum in it
    flavouring in it other food taste goes away
    corrodes teeth stomach
    hair shrinking fizzing thinning too sweet stong flavour corroding stomach
    makes you thirsty alot high salt in it
    testes pain
    nerve irritation on back of legs caramel salt in it
    stomach pain
    inflamed spots
    gas carageen gum in it
    high temperature
    itching in ears

    1. FFS! What rubbish! It's not the healthiest thing on earth, of course, but it's meant for a treat, in moderation. You must have eaten 5 cartons in one go...


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