Review: Rhythm Coconut Milk

Rhythm Coconut Milk, fresh, raw, virgin cold-pressed

Virgin cold-pressed coconut milk. Raw, chilled and available in a pouch pack. You'd normally expect to find coconut milk in a can, but this stuff is different. Made from the first cold-pressing of coconuts sourced from the Philippines. It's more expensive than canned milk, so is it worth it?

You'll find Rhythm's coconut milk (and their kefir coconut drinks) in the chiller isle of Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic. The pouches are 200g, which is about half the size of a regular can. The milk is much thicker than the canned product though, and is more comparable to the coconut cream you buy in the little tetrapaks. 

Smoothie made with Rhythm Coconut Milk

The fresh milk/cream is absolutely delicious straight from the pack - fresh, smooth and creamy. You really could eat it by the spoon, a bit like Coyo yoghurt. It's thick enough to go on scones too. We didn't try that, but we did whip up a peach and strawberry (and coconut) smoothie, which was excellent.

Soup made with Rhythm Coconut Milk

For our savoury test we could have made a thai curry, but thought the premium milk was better suited to something milder. Added to a vegetable soup (potato and runner bean in this case), it adds creaminess and a delicate coconutty flavour.

No doubt there are many other uses for thick, fresh coconut milk, and we hope that Rhythm finds a niche in the market. The pouches cost more than canned coconut milk, but are comparably priced to pots of fresh coconut yoghurt.

Rhythm Coconut Milk is also available in a low fat version, which (believe it or not) is made from naturally low fat coconuts!

You can find a full range of stockists on the Rhythm website

Rhythm's marketing team supplied this coconut milk for our review

The Good: Fantastic fresh, smooth and creamy coconut
The Not-so-Good: Costs a little more

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Rhythm Coconut Milk

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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