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Provamel - Natural Soya Yoghurt - Zero Sugar & Sweetened

Zero-sugar and agave-sweetened options with the relaunch of the company's large dairy-free yoghurt pots. Provamel's organic natural yoghurt has been on the shelves for years, but is now available in two varieties. As well as an agave-sweetened plain yoghurt, there is a completely zero-sugar option too. The company sent us a couple of pots for review:

The textures of the two yoghurts are almost identical. They're real cultured yoghurts, but are also thickened with either corn or tapioca starch and stabilised with pectin. What this gives them is an unsurpassed smoothness, and stops the whey separating from the yoghurt. Both are quite thin though, with a just-pourable consistency.

For the record, there is already a no-added-sugar yoghurt on the market, in the form of Sojade (above). Sojade is a live yoghurt without any sugar or stabilisers, but in contrast is a little lumpy and needs a good stir before using.

Whether you opt for the zero sugar or agave-sweetened yoghurt is a personal preference, and both can be used in the same way. We added some to a broccoli and carrot soup, and both were equally good.

How Sweet is Sweet?

What we did find however, was that the sweetened yoghurt was perhaps a little over sweetened. At 7.5% sugars, it's higher in sugars than plain dairy yoghurt (4-7% on our nosey round Sainsburys), but crucially is far less sharp too, which makes it taste sweet. Depending on what you're cooking, you could add a squeeze of lemon juice to even this out.

Round Up

It's great that Provamel have given us options. Options is the one thing we vegans are getting a lot more of lately, from plant milks, to yoghurts and cheese alternatives. What we'd really like though, is to see Provamel produce a strained yoghurt - a thick Greek style soya yoghurt. For now, at least you get to choose whether you want sugar-free or sweetened yoghurt in your fridge.

The Good: Smooth, straight from the pot. Mild taste.
The Not-so-Good: The sweetened one could be sharper tasting

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Provamel - Soya Yoghurt - Natural/Sweetened

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

For comparison, here is the label from a pot of Sojasun plain soya yoghurt:

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  1. has any one made homemade yogurt using this as a 'starter and if you have how did it turn out?

    1. We didn't test if this was live or not. The best live yoghurt to use as a starter for making your own is Sojade. Have a look at our sister site for instructions using Sojade.


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