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Chicago Vegan Foods - Dandies Marshmallows

Air-puffed and super-melty vegan marshmallows. Gluten-free and gelatin-free. We picked these up in our haul from Veganz in Berlin - they're hard to get hold of in the UK. Dandies are big in the US, along with Sweet & Sara. Dandies use tapioca and carrageenan which make them ideal for melting:

These Classic Vanilla mallows are also classically shaped - large round puffy pillows. They're quite firm to the touch, and powdery, which puts them in contrast with Freedom Mallows, which are soft and sticky. The fact that Dandies don't stick together is a big bonus.

Dandies are super-melty, so we put some on skewers and toasted them over the gas hob. They did get a bit too toasted though (and they can catch fire). As we wanted to make s'mores we swapped the hob for the microwave:

Just 5 seconds later (no more!) and they foam up and melt beautifully - those 6 marshmallows become one big puffy pillow.

Vegan s'mores

To make s'mores, take two digestive biscuits (graham crackers), add some melted Dandies, drizzle over some melted chocolate, then sandwich together. S'mores are nice hot, but let the chocolate firm up again for the best flavour. For a British twist, put jam under the marshmallow, let the s'more go cold and you've got yourself a chocolate teacake.

The packet suggests Dandies can also be melted to make rice crispy cakes, but we ran out before we could try that... (the s'mores were good!). You could also chop them up to make vegan rocky road.

Dandies are great marshmallows, but are expensive in the UK (6 quid, plus postage).
If you're not visiting Berlin any time soon though, you might want to try this place:

The Good: Puffy, melty. Not sticky in the pack
The Not-so-Good: Hard to find in the UK...

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Chicago Vegan Foods - Dandies Marshmallows

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. Is goodnessgoodies a safe site? I've used alternativestores and goodnessdirect but they don't stock them and I really want to try these!

    1. They look legit. They sent Maggie at Veggies a pack to review:

    2. Yes I've used them twice and had really good service. They also do the mini ones, so yummy.x


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