Review: Freedom Micro Mallows

Freedom Micro Mallows

Mini machine-made vegan marshmallows for hot chocolate and rocky road. Freedom mallows are the fluffy marshmallows which made gelatine-free marshmallows a mainstream option. Vegan marshmallows used to be an artisan niche product, but no more. These 'micro' mallows are smaller than the regular ones, and we've been on the lookout for them since they launched last year:

The mallows are available in consumer packs like the one pictured, and also in bulk bags for coffee shops. Cafes no longer have an excuse not to provide vegetarian marshmallows with their hot chocolates (even if they don't offer vegan cream to go with it!)

Freedom Micro Mallows - vegan mini marshmallows

The micro mallows are pink and white, and vanilla flavoured. Like their bigger brothers, they're a bit sticky and tend to come out of the pack in clumps (Dandies have that sussed - review to come).

Dairy-free hot chocolate with vegan mini marshmallows
Did we overdo it with the cream and marshmallows?...

Once you pull them apart though, it's just a matter of peppering your dairy-free hot chocolate with a handful of the little fellows. We recommend Schlagfix spray cream for the best vegan hot chocolate. Dust the cream with hot chocolate powder before adding the mallows. Free-licious!

Of course you can also turn tiffin into rocky road, just by adding these little marshmallows to your favourite recipe.

Freedom micro mallows are available in health and whole food stores, or from Vegan Store

The Good: Fluffy, soft and delicious
The Not-so-Good: A bit sticky-together

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Freedom Confectionery - Freedom Micro Mallows

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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