Review: EcoMil Almond Cream

EcoMIl Almond Cuisine dairy-free almond cream

Organic unsweetened 'Cuisine' cream made from almonds and agave. Dairy-free and soya-free. EcoMil suggest the cream is heat stable and can be boiled or mixed with acidic foods such as lemon without curdling. We're reviewing several non-dairy creams this week, so let's see how EcoMil fares:

The cream is the consistency of single cream, with a pale off-white colour. Being a 'cuisine' or savoury cream it's not overly sweet, which is good. The texture is not exactly smooth - the ground texture of almonds can clearly be discerned if sampled cold, but that's less evident when heated.

We made a simple dish to test the consistency - the cream was warmed with salt and pepper and poured over some pasta. The cream is low on fat, and creaminess, and generally low on body. It's rather like a slightly thickened almond milk. The taste is neutral though - you're not getting an almond flavour in the final dish.

Most vegan creams differ wildly in composition from their dairy counterparts, with less fat, less body, but often more in the way of sweetness. Single cream should be 18% fat, which provides stability...and of course...creaminess. EcoMil, like other producers, aim for the low-fat healthy market too, but at the expense of actually making a dairy-free cream that acts like dairy cream

The Good: Neutral taste and not too sweet
The Not-so-good: Thin and lacking body and creaminess

Veganoo Score: ★★★
EcoMil - Cuisine Almond (Almond Cream)

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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