Guest Review: Blueberries does Divina Teresa: 'Atlantic'

Divina Teresa: 'Atlantic' vegan range

From Spain comes leading veggie meat company Divina Teresa. The company are considering a UK launch and asked us to review just some of their huge product range. We asked Barcelona-based blogger Blueberries of VeganButNotScary to do the honours for us. She kicks off with the company's 'Atlantic' range of Fingers, Burgers, Wonders and Delights:
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Hi everyone! I am honoured to be doing a guest review for one of my favourite blogs! 

I was generously sent the full vegan range of products from Divina Teresa, a Spanish veggie meat company. As I was sent 14 products, this review will be divided up into 4 posts reflecting the divisions within the range. 

The first thing I noticed about this range is that the products are not directly compared to animal products, which I think is a nice idea, marketing them as products to be enjoyed on their own merit. 

I am starting today with the Atlantic range, which is their seaweed/fish-style range. Let it be noted that all of the products were cooked under the grill for the time suggested on the packaging. 

Atlantic Crispy Fingers

I started with the Atlantic crispy fingers as I like anything in breadcrumbs and vegan fish-style fingers are a bit of a novelty. As you can see from the picture, there are strips of nori under the breading and the taste is very strong, which along with the flaky inside makes them quite reminiscent of fish fingers. I love nori so I really enjoyed these, especially on a sandwich with ketchup!

Blueberries Rating: Atlantic Crispy Fingers

    ☆ [5/5]

Atlantic Burgers

I had high hopes for the Atlantic burgers after trying the delicious Atlantic fingers. However, despite their seeming similarity these burgers had very little to no nori flavour. I found them a bit dry and bland, almost more chicken-style that fish-style. They were salvaged by being covered in breadcrumbs. 

Blueberries Rating: Atlantic Burgers

    ☆ [2.5/5]

Atlantic Delights

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Atlantic Delights, from the picture on the packaging it looks like it is in batter, but once I opened them up I saw that they more resembled tofu strips with nori. Once cooked, that was exactly what they tasted like. I love tofu and I love nori so I really enjoyed these, dipped in ketchup. 

Blueberries Rating: Atlantic Delights

    ☆ [5/5]

Atlantic Wonders

Apparently the main difference between a “delight” and a “wonder” is in the shape. The Atlantic Wonders are wider, flatter and slightly chewier that the Delights, but with the same nori/tofu taste. Ketchup once again made an appearance.

Blueberries Rating: Atlantic Wonders

    ☆ [5/5]

Final thought - if like me, you like nori, tofu and breadcrumbs, the Divina Teresa 'Atlantic' range is one to try!

You can find more info online at:

With thanks to Blueberries! More of the range coming soon!
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Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs that Blueberries reviewed.


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