Review: Plantbasedfoods 'Salami' Soya Slices

Review: Plantbasedfoods 'Salami' Soya Slices

More from the new Irish brand in the fridge of your local wholefood shop. These products appear to be trickling onto shelves and maybe they'll find themselves a niche. The soya slices range includes mock chicken, ham and these salami style cuts. Could they make a worthy continental breakfast?

These slices are very large - much larger than you'd normally find meat salami which is cut from a thick cured sausage. The size makes them suitable for rolling though, or ideal for sandwich filling.

Vegan Salami and Cheese

Taste wise this salami is pretty good, although a little heavily smoked. The meaty salty flavour and the smoke mean they can be tasted on a sandwich, even amongst other fillings. The texture is very disappointing however, and when eaten as cold cuts this is all too apparent. The slices are almost gelled rather than meaty in texture - they're soft, tear easily, and have very little chew.

The gelled texture and over smoky flavour reminded us of something that scored very poorly in our reviews - Redwood (Vbites) smoked salmon style slices.

The usual soya protein isolate makes it's appearance in the ingredients list, as it does in all the products in this company's range.

The Good: Not bad flavour that comes through on a sandwich
The Bad: Too soft and not meaty enough for salami

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Plantbasedfoods 'Salami' Soya Slices

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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