VegFest London: Day One

We're at Olympia London for VegFest. We're on the lookout for anything new and exciting on the vegan food front. The two day event this weekend has 100s of stalls, talks, shows and 10,000 visitors are expected. We can't promise a liveblog but we'll do our best to tempt you down here - tickets on the door are still available...

The queues by 11am snaked right down the road and round the corner. 

We're in. This place is huge....

Tiramisu for breakfast from Cat and The Cream. 

Followed by a Yasai Dog from The Mighty Fork... The. Best. Hot. Dog. Ever. 

A quick roving review of three goodies from the Sweet & Sara brand on the stall: S'mores, Rocky Road and Marshmallow Krispy square. 

5 star s'mores for sure. Amazingly like one of those marshmallow teacakes.. Seek these out if you're at VegFest!

The Rocky Road is good, but a little too dark and not sickly sweet enough maybe. 3 stars.

The rice crispy square is one of those held together with melted marshmallow. It's good, but could be more melt in the mouth. 4 stars.

Would you believe there is a stall here selling huge huge vegan cream cakes. Like foot-long cream eclairs, cream-filled doughnuts, profiteroles and more. He has  danish pastries and chelsea buns too. OMG.

We need to get his cream's really good stuff. (Update: it's soya based and they have it specially made before whipping it in a professional creamer. He says they experimented for weeks to get is to stay whipped once it's piped). These guys will also be at Bristol and Brighton VegFests next year. 

No this isn't a suckling pig, but a giant vegan seitan roast, on the stall of Muscolo di Grano. 

Scott Jurek (ultra marathon runner) doing a book signing event... And the queue for him is huge!

Video: Patrik Baboumian (several times winner of Germany's strongest man and vegan for the last two years) makes a guest appearance at the vegan weightlifting competition. Naturally he beats all of the other competitors easily..

The VegfestUK Awards have been announced by comedian Dave Spikey. Check out our video of the awards:

The full list of winners is on our other post here: 

We'll be back for Day Two....tomorrow

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