Launch: Wills Vegan Shoes

Will Green of Wills Vegan Shoes
We caught Will off guard at Vegfest... he doesn't always look this grumpy!

Looking for fashionable vegan shoes without spending a fortune? You want them made by people working under fair conditions too? That's a tough call, but Will Green might be the man you're looking for. Wills Vegan Shoes is a UK first: ethical footwear with high street styles and high street prices.

Founder Will Green believes most people want to make ethical choices, but sometimes price tags get in the way. He has worked tirelessly to put together a collection of shoes that won’t break the bank and hasn’t sacrificed quality or his ethics in the process.

Wills Vegan Shoe Range

The entire upcoming winter range is free of animal products while workers are paid in accordance with European guidelines. Wills Vegan Shoes really is an animal and human friendly company. In Will's own words:
“My dream is to bridge the gap between everyday people and ethically-produced vegan shoes. There are some beautiful brands on the market but many of them are out of the everyday shopper’s price range. Wills Vegan Shoes is about getting the latest fashions out there at a fair price, while not hurting animals or people in the process.”

To celebrate the launch of Wills Vegan Shoes, visitors to the official website can enter their email address in exchange for a £10 gift voucher to be used once the online store is live within the next few weeks.

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  1. Met Will yesterday at VegFest in London. He is a really nice guy and his shoes are pretty. Fell in love with the black heels, front row in the picture, second pair on the left :)

  2. o la la..i saw him. that shoes are very cool and comfortable. love that shoes. Cheers Gil

  3. Good to see European shoes on offer should have Tredair-sole monkey boots and more 8 eyelet Tredair ankle boots in stock soon, with bouncy soles and made in the UK.


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