Review: HESTON from Waitrose - Chocolate Sauce

HESTON from Waitrose - Vegan Chocolate Sauce

Heston Blumenthal's weird chocolate sauce for Waitrose. Dairy-free isn't something we were expecting when we spotted this in a local Waitrose, but it sure is. The body of the sauce is based on wheat glucose syrup, and as well as chocolate, it's also flavoured with coffee. Don't for a moment think that means it tastes like mocha:

Adjacent to this chocolate sauce in Waitrose is their other 'fine' chocolate sauce, based mostly on cream, and we imagine that these two are worlds apart...

This one is not a sauce at all at room temperature. It's solid and about as firm as a hard ice cream that you can barely get a spoon into.

The jar says you can eat this sauce hot or cold, but we can't see how you could possibly eat it cold.... you couldn't even spread it like a chocolate spread.

The sauce can be heated in a microwave and only needs a few seconds. Heating the sauce brings out the coffee aroma, which is actually a big part of the taste too. The coffee and the chocolate are both bitter despite the high sugar content from the glucose. If you're not a double-espresso drinker (with no sugar), we suspect you won't like this sauce! With a sweet vanilla ice cream we appreciated the coffee and chocolate... in fact we really liked it as an ice cream topping.

We weren't so impressed with this as a sauce to dip fruit into. Coffee and fruit don't really go together. You could maybe try something really sweet like a very ripe mango, but otherwise the bitterness overpowers the fruit.

This is the oddest chocolate sauce we've ever tasted... not surprising coming from Heston Blumenthal. We think you're either going to love it or hate it.

Verdict: Odd Chocks

Veganoo Score: ★★★
HESTON from Waitrose Chocolate Sauce

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Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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