Review: Vegusto Sandwich Slices, Deli-style

Vegusto Sandwich Slices, Deli-style

Meat-free deli cuts from Swiss firm Vegusto. Since arriving in the UK in 2011, Vegusto's range and reach have continued to expand. We found a large selection of Vegusto's vegan meats and cheeses at Out of This World in Nottingham, which is a sure sign of the push into the provinces. Amongst other things, we grabbed a pack of deli cuts which are gluten-based and dubbed 'sandwich slices':

Wheat Meat. Vegan deli slices

These deli cuts certainly look great. Vegusto pack these with plenty of juice and even a peppery rind, which gives them a real delicatessen style appearance. The presentation is leagues better than the some of the other more 'processed' looking meat-free products available.

The slices are cut very thin, and they're really fragile. We couldn't actually get the slices apart without breaking them, which is annoying when trying to make sandwiches. The fact that the pack is full of juice means getting your fingers in to pull them apart can get really messy.

Taste wise, we found these to be disappointingly nothing more than the flavour of gluten. Pure, overpowering gluten... with a hint of pepper. They taste exactly like Topas Wheaty slices, which again are just a sort of sliced seitan. Some people might enjoy that strong gluten taste, but we suspect many won't.

We were hoping that these deli cuts had a more complex taste, but maybe that's where some of their other products come in, like their slicing sausage. We'll be reviewing that too, very soon.

Verdict: Eat Wheat Meat

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Vegusto Sandwich Slices, Deli-style

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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