Budget Vegan: Christmas at Poundland

Chocolates, Jellies and Wafers, all vegan, all one pound. Welcome to Christmas at the nation's favourite pound shop. Poundland isn't the first place you'd think to look for vegan confectionery at Christmas, but there are bargains to be had there. Our haul comprises three types of jellies, two sorts of choccies and a huge bag of wafers:

Twenty-four individually wrapped pink wafers for a quid. It's fair to say these are cheap and cheerful. These would have been perfect to give to trick-or-treaters last week in fact...

Jellies are increasingly being made without gelatin. These bargain brand jellies are pretty decent... plump and sugary and perfect for Christmas.

Jameson's Raspberry Ruffles have been a vegan favourite for years. They're usually found as small bars but these little wrapped chocolates are a great size. 

Rasberry flavoured coconut with a chocolate shell

Dark chocolate mint creams are often dairy-free. These mini ones are individually wrapped. The mint creme is firmer than you usually find but it does stop it oozing out over your chin if you bite into one.

Firm mint creme in a chocolate shell

A lovely naturally-flavoured box of fruit jellies. These German made jellies are good enough to give as a gift and yet are still only a quid. The best of the three jellies on offer.

Jelly tots have been gelatin-free for years now. If you haven't had them since you were younger though, they're still the same hard jellies... and they still stick to your teeth. Rowntrees are now a Nestlé brand of course...

Sweets by the Pound. Six items, six quid. Shopping at Poundland is easy...we've even read the labels for you...

More Christmas Reviews coming soon...well...it is November!

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

The glycerine is vegetable as these are labelled vegetarian

Lactic Acid is produced commercially from glucose (not lactose)

Lactic Acid is produced commercially from glucose (not lactose)

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  1. Is the invertase in the jameson ruffles definitely safe?

  2. Invertase is normally derived from yeast. While you can get non-vegan invertase we take the same view as with lactic acid (normally derived from glucose), i.e. that the non vegan version is so uncommon that chances are it's safe to eat.


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