Roving Review: Razzle Dazzle Ice Cream

The last of our WMVF reviews is South-West independent vegan ice cream makers Razzle Dazzle. Their vegan ice cream is not available in our part of the country so we took the opportunity to sample three flavours at their stall in Wolverhampton last week. The flavours we sampled were Coconilla, Cookie Dough and Hintamint:

The other flavours on offer at WMVF were Mango Sorbet, Shokolate and Bananadrama and the company were also offering whipped coconut cream topping, which looked super indulgent but might have spoiled our review...

Coconut and vanilla are the two flavours coming together here as you might have guessed. The coconut milk serves as the base for this flavour and it comes through quite well in the taste, while also providing a certain creaminess. The addition of vanilla takes the flavour in more of a classic direction. Smooth, creamy, but light at the same time.

This is a mint chocolate flavoured ice cream which has a large proportion of real chocolate in the recipe, along with natural mint oil. This leads to a very rich and pure flavour which is quite unusual for chocolate ice cream, which is more usually milky and sugary. There's no milk substitute in this flavour at all, which means it isn't creamy and is a little more sorbet-like in texture. A distinct and likeable smooth vegan ice cream.

Cookie Dough
Our first experience of vegan cookie dough ice cream. The cookie dough is sweet and sugary and in fact just a little crunchy from the sugar crystals...just like homemade cookie dough. The dough manages to stay soft and swirly within the ice cream despite being frozen. The base for this ice cream seems to be the coconilla flavour, but the cookie dough certainly makes it more special. This was our favourite of the three.

All three of the flavours we tried are great, and we look forward to seeing Razzle Dazzle's dairy-free ices becoming available beyond the South West.

Verdict: The Cream of Somerset

Veganoo Score: ★★★★☆
Razzle Dazzle Ice Cream

Ingredients details for Razzle Dazzle ices are available on their website at

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