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Award-winning one-woman vegan bakery. When Hannah Banana Bakery was announced as the winner of Best Vegan Cakes at this year's UK Vegan Awards last Saturday, there was a huge cheer. This wasn't just because host presenter Dominic Berry was whipping up the crowd, but was a genuine celebration of the achievements of a single-handed champion vegan baker:

Hannah Banana
That baker is 31 year old Hannah Pinchin from Southampton who started the bakery last year in her spare time.

By day, she's Dr Hannah, research fellow at the University of Southampton, specialising in areas including the decontamination of surgical instruments.

By night though, she's Hannah Banana...vegan baker extraordinaire. Hannah tells us she sleeps only 4 to 5 hours a night to fit all of this in. The bakery is so popular she has to turn down half a dozen orders every day, as there just isn't the time to get everything done. She currently has a month's waiting list.

Hannah has been vegan for 11 years and vegetarian all her life. She started the business when she was asked to make a friend's wedding cake and received many compliments about it.
Hannah eventually plans to set up a bakery shop of her own, but at the moment she runs the business online, posting out boxes of cupcakes, delivering locally and organising occasional pick-ups of cake selection boxes. Her offerings range form the usual cupcakes, though wedding cakes, cheesecakes, cookies and even truffles.

Hannah also does a great line in experimentation, with everything from artisan vegan cheese, vegan meringue and vegan marshmallow appearing on her blog and Facebook page. Her online persona is in fact no less frenetic than the rest of her life...she finds the time to regularly post photos, recipes, reviews and more, with a big online following keen to hear what she's up to.

Hannah Banana Vegan Meringue

When asked about her future plans for the bakery Hannah says she's saving hard for that chance to open a shop, at which point she'd no doubt have to become a full time baker.

You can find Hannah Banana Bakery online at

Her Facebook Page is where you'll find the best photos of her creations:

Hannah also runs a blog over on Wordpress

Her twitter handle is @HanBanBakery

Massive thanks to Hannah for being a great interviewee...her enthusiasm and energy is almost infectious!


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