Redwood Christmas: Vegan Duck & Orange Pate

Redwood Vegi-Deli Gourmet Duck Style and Orange Pate

A special pate for a special occasion. We've no idea what duck tastes like, and there isn't anyone to hand that does, so we won't be reviewing this pate for authenticity! We know oranges though, so expect some reference to that. Vegan Pates are usually based on Tartex and those others in tubes and tubs. This one is based on wheat gluten and has a far better texture and flavour for that:

This pate comes in a sort of sausage that you cut open. This does mean you can't re-seal it, but you could always put it in a zip-lock bag or plastic tub in the fridge. The pate is fairly 'course', which we like and has a great texture. It spreads well straight from the fridge and we tried some out on rice cakes and salted crackers.

Vegan Duck and Orange Pate

On Ritz crackers the pate tastes really good...but then what doesn't taste great on a Ritz? The bigger challenge is a lightly-salted rice cake...does the pate have enough flavour to make a tasty mouthful? We're pleased to say it does. Plenty of orange flavour, particularly on first bite, with a pleasant meaty taste too. As we said...we'll 'duck' the question of authenticity, but this is rather fine pate.

Verdict: Nice Pate, Duck
...only Nottingham people will get that one...where Duck is a local term of endearment

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Redwood Vegi-Deli
Gourmet Duck Style and Orange Pate

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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