Review: V Pud Vegan Black Pudding

V Pud - vegan black pudding - The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co

A vegan version of black pudding (blood pudding / blood sausage) from the makers of... well the makers of real black puddings - The Real Lancashire Black Pudding Co. Don't let the fact that this is made by a butcher bother you - it's veggie and vegan certified. Surely better that this pudding will be seen by their own customers too, than hidden away in wholefood shops. We've never tried black pudding so we have no idea if the taste is in any way authentic, but read on for our thoughts:

V Pud - vegan black pudding

The product is chilled, but has a long shelf life. It takes just 3-4 minutes to fry up a few slices of this sausage and add it to your vegan fry-up. We tried a couple of pieces hot from the pan and were really impressed. The flavour is really distinct, which is unusual for vegan sausage, a sort of earthy but meaty flavour. The texture is coarse and really lovely.

We took the opportunity of having the frying pan out to rustle up a Big Vegan Breakfast. We had sausages, smoked-tofu rashers, mushrooms, tomatoes and hash browns. We also added a good slick of vegan egg yolk (read our review of The Vegg here). The crispy black pudding was really great in this fry-up... with that distinct flavour holding its own. Black pudding dipped in vegan egg yolk is fantastic too.

We'd really like to see this make an appearance on the breakfast plates at veggie cafes and anywhere else offering a veggie breakfast.

Verdict: Black Gold

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
 V Pud - Vegan Black Pudding

Footnote: Ingredients
Here is the ingredients panel from the pack we reviewed.

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  1. I need to disagree with you on this one. I hated it! I have eaten a lot of non vegan black pudding a very long time ago and loved it. The texture of this wasn't too bad but it tasted overwhelmingly of dried herbs to me. I threw half of it away, unheard of!

  2. It's certainly herby, but we like it. You only have a little bit in a fry up so it isn't overwhelming.

  3. Where do you buy this from? Cheers =)

  4. We bought it from Out of This World in Nottingham, but they don't seem to sell it online.

  5. I got it through Suma and I pretty much agree with EFCLiz, it's not great if you're expecting/hoping for it to really taste like blood pudding, I used to love the stuff, and while I liked the texture and appearance of this stuff, the herbs are the dominant flavour, which is certainly not the case with blood pudding. I do reckon it could be reformulated to taste more meaty and less herby pretty easily, I hope they will!

    1. Thanks for the comments. We've never tried the bloody stuff so had to judge it on its merits.

  6. I love the stuff! But now that I am wheat-free I can't have it anymore. I am very upset about this :-)


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