Review: Deli Fry's Mock Meats

If you've been to a recent VegFest you might have sampled Bute Island's range of mock meats, sold under the Deli-Fry's label. That's not to be confused with Frys...our favourite frozen mock meat producer. Deli-Fry's stuff is all ambient packaged in vac pacs and ready to eat. We put the mock ham and mock chorizo to the test:

The pack size of these mock meats is on the large size, which appears to make them expensive, but gram for gram they cost less than the alternatives. The chorizo weighs in at 400g and is quite a truncheon of mock meat. Once opened they need refrigeration and last about a week...they aren't 'cured' in the traditional sense.

We found it rather odd that the large block of ham is actually 4 slabs of ham. This makes it a little awkward to actually cut slices from. The texture and favour of this mock ham is great though...not so strong it leaves an aftertaste, but meaty enough to taste in a sandwich. Most mock hams come pre-sliced, so the Deli Fry's slabs offer the chance to make chunks or other cuts for pizza or carbonara.

The chorizo is less of a hit. A much more odd texture and lacking in that smoked pimenton flavour you expect from chorizo. Of course you also can't use this chorizo to supply fatty flavour to a dish...the fat content is about a third of traditional chorizo. All said, it's not a bad slicing sausage, but we wouldn't have guessed it was meant to be chorizo if it hadn't been written on the label.

The Deli Fry's range is quite extensive with a whole range of mock deli meats. We bought ours from Goodness Direct

Verdict: Meat Feast

Veganoo Score: ★★★★
Deli Fry's Mock Ham

Veganoo Score: ★★★
Deli Fry's Mock Chorizo

Footnote: Ingredients
Here are the ingredients panels from the packs we reviewed.

Mock Ham
Mock Chorizo

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